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Delta 16 Field Test

Delta Kayaks out of Canada have been massively popular with Aussie paddlers over the years - and one of the most popular brands in our store.  I had an opportunity to give one of our Demo Delta 16s a really…
May 18, 2023

Getting More Type 1 Fun Out of Your Kayak

Type 1 fun is the utter joy we get from some activities that are just fun in the moment. It feels effortless and we just don’t want it to end. People that ski on a powdery day know what this…
March 23, 2017

Perception Pilot – its here!! – First Impressions

The world of hands free fishing kayaks has a new player in town. US powerhouse, Confluence Outdoor, have been busy working away on three propeller based models. The first of these, under the Perception brand, has just arrived in Australia…
February 5, 2017

An Introduction to Stellar Recreational Skis

We are really excited here at JBK to introduce the Stellar range of recreational skiis to our store.   The folks at Stellar have been in the market since 2009 and have a range of elite skis, recreational skis, touring sea kayaks…
November 11, 2016

New Zealand, Bay of Islands Paddling Wrap Up

What an amazing couple of weeks spent Sea kayaking in New Zealand’s north east. It was a real pleasure joining Mark Hutson on his 10 day Bay of Islands Outer Coast trip. Mark has been running NZ Sea Kayaking Adventures…
April 1, 2016

Which Fishing Kayak is Best for You

Which fishing kayak is best for me Over the summer I’ve managed to go out and do some fishing and have been lucky enough to have access to some fantastic demo kayaks. It’s got me thinking about the different types…
February 5, 2016

Epic V7 – First Impressions

The new entrant into the ski market hit the stores earlier this year with Epic releasing their new roto moulded V7. Epic have positioned this as a more durable and significantly cheaper version of the hugely popular V8 entry level…
October 16, 2015

Can Your Fishing Kayak Do This – Load in < 1 minute?

One of the key issues many paddlers face is getting their favourite paddling craft from their garage to the water. And, in the world of fishing kayaks, this is no exception. Fishing kayaks are usually well fitted out with comfortable…
June 12, 2015

JBK Fishing Kayak Demo Day

We had a fantastic day last Saturday, hosting the Inaugural JBK Fishing Kayak Demo Day. After a bit of bad weather leading into the weekend, Saturday turned into a beautiful, clear day and it was a pleasure to spend the…
May 28, 2015

Rough and Tumble in the Surf

The recent persistent East coast lows have provided some fantastic dynamic sea conditions in and around Huskisson for some rough water fun in my trusty whitewater play-boat. On a recent dark and wet afternoon, with rain pelting down and the…
May 6, 2015