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This is a media post from 2014, not a product page. We unfortunately no longer stock Mega Surf Kayaks. For current Mega Surf Kayak information, please contact Synergy Paddlesports:

Yesterday was the first day in weeks that the surf hasn’t been triple overhead with onshore winds. The forecast of 1m swell with light offshore breezes gave me the perfect opportunity to put the very first Australian Made Mega Proton through its paces. Unfortunately (?) I had the break all to myself, so the only photos I could take were ‘promo’ shots with our stunning Cave Beach in the background.

My first impression upon paddling out was how stable the kayak is. Admittedly, i am on the small side for this boat, but compared to my normal ride the Neutron RV, the extra width in the Proton makes it easy to relax while sitting out the back. The surf was clean faces to about 4ft, with the occasional bigger set coming through, and it was also apparent that the Proton was keen to climb over the waves while paddling out, and this combined with the extra stability meant a quicker than usual trip out the back.
I didn’t have to wait to long to turn and catch a wave and my next impression was Whoa!! The Proton is a fast piece of gear. So fast that it took me a couple of subsequent waves to really come to grips with the speed of the rail to rail transition when making turn on a wave. The Proton has a slight v in the rear of the hull and very little volume in the nose, plus i had the fins set almost in line with each other, so it really did want to turn on a 5 cent piece.

The bottom line is though, that the Proton is designed with a larger paddler than myself in mind ( I am about 5’11” and 83kg), so with a bit of extra body in the cockpit and the fins set a bit further apart the down the line speed will be increased and the maneuverability a bit easier to control. Bigger paddlers than me will really appreciate the extra speed on a wave, and the tri- fin setup can always be adjusted to give the best results for the conditions on the day. The added stability over boats like the Neutron and the Boost will give new paddlers peace of mind in bigger conditions, but the overall hull shape is one that does not compromise on high performance surfability.

The first Aussie made Mega Proton is now available to test paddle so if you are looking for an upgrade or wanting to jump into surf kayaking for the first time give us a call at Jervis Bay Kayaks and chat to us about the best options for you.