Wilderness Systems – Tsunami 125 Touring Kayak


The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 is one of the best boats on the market for a combination of high stability, comfort and reasonable speed. Perfect for beginners and suitable for advanced paddlers who want to cruise and chill.


~~~Pre-orders available for arrival around November 2021~~~

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125

Perfect for all abilities, this beautifully outfitted kayak boasts exceptional tracking, storage and the best seat system on the market. The 125 does not require a rudder, but if you wish to extend it’s seaworthiness even further, the 125 is rudder-ready. With a host of features not found on other brands, Wilderness maintain their position as market leader in the Polyethylene recreational kayaking industry.

Length                      388 cm
Width                        66 cm
Max Capacity           136 kg
Deck Height             38 cm
Weight                      23 kg
Cockpit Length         91 cm
Cockpit Width           51 cm

  • Phase 3 AirPro Tour
  • Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces
  • SlideLock Foot Brace System
  • Forward Deck Bags
  • Domed Bow, Midship and Stern Hatch
  • Bow and Midship Bulkheads
  • Bungee Deck Rigging w/ Reflective Static Perimeter Safety Line
  • Soft Touch Handles
  • Paddle Holder

Additional information

Weight 28000 g
Dimensions 420 × 700 × 5500 mm