Werner Shogun Carbon Straight Shaft Whitewater Surf Paddle


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Werner Shogun White Water Paddle

Werner Shogun Carbon Whitewater Surf Paddle

The Sho-Gun is the ultimate creek,river running, and surf kayaking paddle. The large blade design is balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth through out the entire stroke.

  • Our largest Performance Core blade design, it is light and buoyant in aerated water
  • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
  • Impact Resistant Kevlar(tm) and a double layer of Dynel(tm) edging adds durability
  • Available in straight or neutral bent; standard or small diameter
  • Werner’s legendary bomber strength


Create a custom fitting paddle to increase your performance, reduce your fatigue and have more fun on the water. All Whitewater Performance Core paddles come standard with our Performance Core blade design. You choose Straight Shaft or Neutral Bent Shaft; in either our Standard or Small Diameter shafts. Then use your height and boat width to determine the correct paddle length. 

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Full-sized River Running & Creeking Blade

  • Blade design is evenly balanced so the catch is clean, immediately powerful, and smooth through out the entire stroke
  • Full-sized blades catch a lot of water and are appropriate for stronger, well conditioned paddlers.

Performance Core WW Cross Section

  • Water flows uninterrupted across the performance core profile creating smooth and effortless maneuvering strokes

Performance Core WW Blade Design

  • Light and buoyant in aerated water
  • Enhances bracing and rolling
  • Impact resistant Kevlar and tough Dynel edging

Straight Shaft

  • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
  • The lightest weight option available.
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.

Neutral Bent Shaft

  • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
  • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
  • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
  • Light weight with Werner durability
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort

Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 50 × 200 × 210 mm