Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 Expedition Sea Kayak


Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 is would have to be the one of top expedition sea kayaks. Robust design and ample storage makes it ready for day trips or extended paddles to far off places.


~~~Pre-orders available for arrival around November 2021~~~

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 Expedition  Sea Kayak

More than capable for a day trip, expedition or just a weekend trip, added depth is suitable for mid-to-large sized paddlers while maintaining speed and efficiency necessary for longer distances.

Added depth, length, and cockpit favor larger paddlers wanting an easily manageable, lean, efficient kayak capable of weekend trips. Retractable Rudder system is standard on the Tsunami 165 Sea Kayak and Wilderness Systems have outfitted this range of Sea Kayaks with the ultimate Seating and Thigh Brace System,  The Phase 3 outfitting system. Come into our store and sit in this range to experience the superior comfort and control of this outfitting standard.


Length:        500cm
Width:          60cm
Weight:        30kg
Capacity:      159kg


  • Phase3 Outfitting
  • Bow & stern hatches
  • Bow & stern bulkheads
  • Deck Rigging
  • Adjustable thigh braces, seat back and lumbar support
  • Perimeter reflective safety line

Additional information

Weight 28000 g
Dimensions 390 × 590 × 4950 mm