Trident T669FG-LL Carbon / Fibreglass SUP Paddle


Trident T669FG-LL is a carbon Fiberglass blend. Featuring an adjustable lever lock system to fit many paddlers heights.

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The Trident 669FG-LL adjustable SUP paddle delivers maximum power output and control for strong paddlers. This versatile paddle features the LeverLock® system and has a large carbon blade that can be used in flat water, the surf and open ocean conditions.

The LeverLock® system feels remarkably like a fixed paddle yet allows you to adjust the height of your paddle in seconds. The lever is ergonomically integrated into the handle, so there are no protruding edges, and the low profile design fits nicely into the palm of your hand so its very comfortable, light, and easy to use.
The round carbon shaft allows for increased flexibility making it easier on the elbow joints and shoulders.Paddle length can be easily adjusted in a few seconds using the clip mechanism and the measurement guide printed on the shaft.

The thin blade, which is created with a spine and offset at 10 degrees, is constructed from lightweight pre-impregnated fibreglass /epoxy materials and is designed to deliver a smooth, efficient stroke. The curved teardrop outline will also reduce tip loading and the resulting flutter when paddling.

The Trident 669FG-LL adjustable paddle will satisfy the demands of the serious paddle enthusiast and SUP competitor.


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 Max Length

 Shaft Material

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50% Carbon



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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 50 × 210 × 2200 mm