Wilderness Systems – Tarpon 140 Sit On Top Kayak



PLEASE NOTE: This craft is only available as a special order from the U.S. Please speak to our staff for more information.

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140R delivers improved speed, better glide, and even more storage. The re-engineered hull and deck have been fine tuned to offer increased performance while still maintaining the stability to stand and cast from the flat floored seating area. This well rounded sit-on-top is capable of adapting to a variety of water conditions by combining small kayak manoeuvrability with large kayak speed.


  • Upgraded Phase 3 SOT seating system
  • SlideTrax accessory rail create adjustable tie down points
  • Bungee paddle holders and moulded mesh gear pockets
  • 2 turn and lock Orbix hatch covers


Length:                    427 cm
Width:                      71 cm
Max Capacity:        170 kg
Deck Height:          37 cm
Weight:                    32 kg
Cockpit Length:     132 cm
Cockpit Width:      51 cm

Additional information

Weight 32000 g
Dimensions 370 × 710 × 4270 mm