Tahe Beach SUP-Yak 10’6 Kit



If you would like to get the most amount of versatility out of one craft, look no further than the Tahe Beach SUP-Yak!

This tough inflatable SUP features a full-length webbing daisy-chain on each side, meaning you can clip the kayak seat and foot block into exactly the best place for you. Also included in this kit is a convertible paddle so you can enjoy two activities in one session. The SUP-Yak’s storage bungee lines mean you can have your whole kit close to hand and still have room for snorkel and flippers, or a dry-bagged lunch. Or, leave the clutter behind and take advantage of the SUP-Yak’s stability to cruise through your yoga routine on water.

Easy to set up and adjust on the go, you’ll be enjoying your favourite waterway whichever way you like!


Ideal for 1 person plus child or pet, people with limited storage/transport space, or those who want both a Kayak and Paddle Board. The 10’6 Tahe Beach SUP-Yak Kit is a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 inflatable kayak & paddle board package.

Product Specifications

Complete Dimensions:  320 cm x 86 cm x 15 cm
Board Only Weight:       10.5 kg
Complete Kit Weight:    14.5kg
Max Riders Weight:       135 kg
Volume:                            325kg


The 10’6″ Beach SUP-YAK + Kayak Kit comes with:

  • 1x Board / Hull with full coverage comfort pad, proprietary Daisy Chain Attachment System and Twin Stiffening Stringers for added rigidity
  • 3x Ultra-Durable Permanent Flex Fins for tracking and worry-free use
  • 1x Hybrid Paddle for Kayak and Paddle Board Use
  • 1x Removable/Adjustable Seat with raised seating position for proper body alignment
  • 1x Removable/Adjustable Ergonomic Footrest for comfort and control
  • 1x Ankle Leash to stay connected to your board/boat
  • 1x High-Capacity 2-Way Pump with Gauge for quick and easy inflation
  • 1x Carry-All Backpack for convenient transport and storage
  • 1x Repair Kit