Stellar 18 Touring Kayak


Stellar Kayak is perfect for the beginner or advanced paddlers alike. It’s light weight construction and well places handles makes it a breeze to transport on and off the car down to the waters edge.


Much like the S16, the Stellar S18 Touring Kayak is primarily designed for speed and stability on day trips and expeditions alike. With additional length and reduced beam, this boat glides beautifully through the water. Moderate concavity along the keel helps with tracking in rough conditions. For windy days and following seas, a hydrofoil rudder will help you keep your heading. Higher decks allow for a dryer paddle in rough conditions and stern and bow compartments provide ample storage for longer tours.

Stellar 18 Kayak Features

  • High strength spectra rudder lines
  • Padded adjustable seat
  • Oval cockpit for easier exit and entry
  • Cut-aways on bow deck for a narrow catch and effective stroke
  • Bungee deck rigging
  • Ergonomic carry handles
  • Smart-track foot brace that adjusts easily from the cockpit
  • 2 water tight storage compartments
  • Smart-track foil rudder


Length:        550cm
Depth:          32cm
Beam:           55cm
Capacity:      175kg
Paddler:       150-200cm

Lay-Up Options and Prices

Advantage – $4,045
Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass – 18kg

Excel – $4,545
Heat cured infused epoxy Kevlar and fiberglass – 16.5kg