Stellar 18s Surf Ski – With Hatches


Surf Ski, Ocean Ski, Stellar, Stellar Ski, Recreational Ski, sit on top kayak, sit on top, light weight construction makes it easy to move onto and off the water. Features strong well placed handles.

Stellar 18S Features

  • Strong primary stability along with great cruising speed.  Ideal entry level ski.
  • Easy to move off the water.  Light with plenty of handles at the bow, stern and sides
  • Great outfitting with carbon, adjustable footplate, waterproof heavy duty hatch covers and multiple carry handles
  • Can be outfitted with a trailing rudder
  • Soft chines make it very maneuverable on the water while maintaining strong secondary stability.

The Stellar 18’ Surf Ski (S18S) is an entry level surf ski with great
top end speed from the S18R hull design, along with the stability that
you have come to associate with a Stellar. With 2 dry storage
compartments, the S18S is not only a Surf Ski, but also a capable
touring kayak. As a standard feature, the S18S is outfitted to accept a
kick-up rudder for those who paddle in shallow areas.


 Technical Details










 Lay-Up Options and Pricing

Advantage 16.3kg Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass $3,995
Multi Sport


16kg Hull: Single skin laminate hull Carbon & Kevlar, clear gelcoat finish.
Deck: Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass
Excel 13kg Heat cured infused epoxy Kevlar and fiberglass $4,695