Stellar 14s Surf Ski


Surf Ski, a perfect first ski, easy to carry off the water with it’s lightweight construction.


The Stellar 14’ Surf Ski (14S) is a recreational sit-on-top ski that makes entry and exit a breeze by eliminating the need to squeeze in and out of a cockpit. It can perform as a fitness ski, day tourer or recreational sit on top and the trailing rudder can be raised up making beach landings really easy. The steering system on the boat is very comfortable and responsive keeping you on track to where you want to go! Its extremely stable and user friendly. Unlike any other boat of this length, the S14S has the speed of a much longer boat, but beginners can feel comfortable paddling it. Two water tight hatches allow for modest storage for day tripping and lightly packed overnight adventures. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those who want a high performance boat that is easy to carry, car-top, and store.

Stellar 14S Features

  • Very strong primary stability.  Great first ski
  • Easy to move off the water.  Light with plenty of handles at the bow, stern and sides
  • Great outfitting with carbon, adjustable footplate, waterproof heavy duty hatch covers and multiple carry handles
  • Trailing rudder that can be raised up to allow for easy beach landings and handling off the water
  • Very efficient hull design, glides nicely.  Defined keel line at the stern and bow for good tracking and control
  • Soft chines make it very maneuverable on the water


Length:        436cm
Depth:          34cm
Beam:           63cm
Capacity:      185kg

Lay-Up Options and Prices

Advantage – $3,845
Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass – 15.5kg

Excel – $4,495
Heat cured infused epoxy Kevlar and fiberglass – 12.2kg