Stellar 14 Touring Kayak


Unlike many other boats of this size, the S14 has the speed of a much longer boat, yet remains an easy and comfortable paddle for beginners. Two water tight hatches provide ample storage, while the retractable skeg helps with tracking. The S14 comes standard with fittings to upgrade to a rudder system if wanted. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those who want a boat that’s big on performance but small in stature.

Stellar 14 Kayak Features:

    • Oval cockpit for easy entry and exit
    • High volume deck for a dryer ride in the chop
    • Cut-aways on bow deck for a narrow catch and effective stroke
    • Bungee deck rigging
    • Ergonomic carry handles
    • Smart-track foot brace that adjusts easily from the cockpit
    • 2 water tight storage compartments
    • Retractable skeg for great tracking

Technical Details:

Length:       4.3m

Beam:         60cm

Depth:        34.5cm

Capacity:   155kg

Paddler:    150-200cm

Lay-Up Options and Pricing:
Advantage 16.5kg Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass $3,095
Multi Sport

16.5kg Hull: Single skin laminate hull Carbon & Kevlar, clear gelcoat finish. Deck: Heat cured infused epoxy fiberglass $3,345
Excel 15.5kg Heat cured infused epoxy Kevlar and fiberglass $3,545


Testing the Stellar- S14 Recreational Ski from Jervis Bay Kayaks on Vimeo.