AP Sixty Forty 10’0″ MX Blue


AP Sixty Forty MX SUP, great way to get into Stand Up Paddle Boarding or catch a few waves with these value for money moulded epoxy SUP boards.


The Adventure Paddleboarding Sixty Forty is designed for 60% surf use and 40% flat water paddling. This dual-purpose hybrid SUP is a great option for the cross-training enthusiast who likes to transfer from the surf to flat water without missing a beat. Its also a great option for paddlers looking for a shorter style, highly maneuverable board for cruising.

OUTLINE: The relatively full outline and generous width though the mid zone provides exceptional stability during flat water excursions. Plenty of curve along the rail line maximises turning performance, and a pulled-in tail allows the board to pivot smoothly in the surf.

ROCKER: The rocker is designed primarily for the surf with a little extra lift in the nose and tail compared to the Adventure Paddleboarding Fifty Fifty, so it fits nicely with the curve of the wave and also makes turning easy. A relaxed section through the middle helps maintain flow and forward acceleration in flat water.

VOLUME: While most of the volume resides through the mid-section, the nose and tail have been foiled to enhance turning sensitivity. Soft, high volume rails provide exceptional stability and are very forgiving when pivoting off the tail.

FEATURES: Versatile 2 + 1 set up with FCS II side plugs let you customize the feel for different conditions. Comfortable cavity handle for convenient transportation, soft deck traction with integrated arch bar and tail kick. Additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

CONSTRUCTION: Molded Epoxy (MX) construction delivers structural integrity through the high pressure molding of multiple components. The components being; a medium density EPS core, 5 layers of Fiberglass (3 x deck, 2 x bottom) and a special epoxy resin that’s mixed with carbon strands. Encapsulating the whole board, and forming an outer skin that bonds through to the core, this combination of materials is fused together for over 4 hours under constant heat and pressure. The result is a very durable, well weighted board, and the high pressure molding process ensures that each board is identical to specifications.


APPROX BOARD WEIGHTS: 9’4 – 10.4kg; 10’0 – 11.4kg.


9’4” 31.5” 4 5/8” 163 L FCS M3/8″  Up to 85kg
10’0” 33” 4 3/4” 190 L FCS M3/8″ Up to 90kg

Additional information

Weight 10000 g
Dimensions 150 × 3000 × 800 mm