Northwater – Turtleback Deck Bag


Northwater Turtleback deck bag is a small deck bag which makes for a great solution for carrying small items easily and securely with in reach whilst on the water.


Northwater –  Turtleback Deck Bag

A great solution for carrying essential items in a small deck bag.  When accessing the day hatch is not practical, this low profile, heavy duty bag will allow easy access on water for essentials such as marine radio, camera, sunscreen, gloves or snacks. 

Made of heavy duty 420D cloth, the deck bag has 2.5L in capacity and has in-built flotation.  It is designed as low profile with minimal windage and deck wash disruption.  It has a bomb proof anchoring system that can withstand deck wash and rough water conditions.  Access is easy with a wide mouth opening and single YKK zipper.

The deck bag is easily removed with a quick release anchoring system and can even be waist worn for on shore hiking.

Another great Northwater product, well made, easy to use and very practical.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 90 × 200 × 240 mm