Northwater – Tow Line (SeaTec)


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Northwater –  Sea Tec Tow Line

Northwater’s flagship tow line for the last decade.  The Sea Tec has been developed in collaboration with BCU and Paddle Canada guides for use by professionals and avid sea kayakers looking for high quality components and a tow system that will work in all conditions. Features include:

  • Heavy duty bag that is compact and comfortably waist mounted.  It unrolls into a wide mouth opening for easy re-stuffing in rough conditions.
  • Adjustable and removable shock absorber

  • Includes 10.5m of premium quality floating ¼” H2Pro kermantle polypropylene rope with a tensile strength of 600kg. The rope is easy to see in low viz conditions, rot and mildew resistant, holds knots well and is easy to work when wet.

  • Stainless steel eyed carabiner will not accidentally slip off the rope.

  • Exterior carabiner park for quick access when needed.

  • Flotation built into the bag keeps it afloat if detached.

  • High visibility reflective strip.

  • Waist belt camp release buckle with easy to feel pull bead.

Additional information

Weight 565 g
Dimensions 130 × 140 × 320 mm