Northwater – Pig Tail


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Northwater Pig Tail 

Perfect for a quick “grab and go” contact tow, the Northwater Pig Tail is a must for guides or groups venturing into dynamic conditions where kayaks or paddlers may need to be moved out of danger quickly and easily.

The Northwater Pig Tail is made from strong nylon tubular webbing and bungy that extends from 61cm to 102cm.  This makes it easy to deploy and provides shock absorption during a tow scenario.  The 2′ stainless steel D-Ring is designed to be attached to a guide PFD or a quick release belt.  The Pig Tail also includes an aluminum keyhole carabiner with a 26kN rating.  The carabiner is designed to clip onto a PFD for quick and easy access while paddling. 


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 40 × 145 × 180 mm