Naish Performance 85 Vario RDS



The Naish Performance Vario 85 is the accessible choice for all-around use, with the right blend of performance and value. The Glass matrix blade construction provides ample strength making this paddle the lightest in its class for this value. Glass matrix in the shaft delivers heightened flex curve for more energy absorption and less impact on the shoulders. The high-grip texture of the shaft ensures your grip is firm even with cold, wet hands.

The anti-twist vario system features a single-notch for perfect blade/handle alignment every time.


  • Anti-twist Vario System = Easy length adjustment + enhanced durability
  • Hydro Seal = fortifies shaft exterior + improves buoyancy
  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping
  • ABS Rail = Built-in blade edge protection
  • High Temperature Pre-preg Moulding = Optimised resin content & cure + impact resistant

Additional information

Weight 710 g