Mirage 732 Tandem Kayak


Mirage 730 Double Kayak, proudly Australian made and owned, and an icon of the Australian Kayaking Industry for 30 years.

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Mirage 732 Tandem Kayak

The iconic and updated Mirage 732 Tandem Kayak is a sleek speedster of Aussie waterways. A favourite pick for the Hawksbury Classic and Massive Murray Paddle, it has set many a race record. That said, stability and comfort still make this kayak accessible to beginners.

As each and every Mirage kayak is made to order and hand-crafted, there is a varying wait time on new boats.


  • Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system.
  • Three high volume dry storage compartments.
  • Safety perimeter reflective deck line, functional elastic deck rigging.
  • Ergonomic seats with comfortable 15mm foam seat pad and fully adjustable, low profile back-band back rest.
  • Dual solid cross beam footrests, enhance paddler performance and comfort.
  • Component upgrade.



Length: 7.3m
Beam: 58.5cm
Weight: See table below
Rear Hatch: 90L
Front Hatch: 83L
Day Hatch: 36L
Suitable For: All sized paddlers

732 Construction: Average Weight: Cost:
Fibreglass 36kg $5,395
Kevlar 32kg $5,995
Kevlar IRT Pending $6,495
Kevlar IRT + Silverstorm Pending $6,695
Carbon IRT + Silverstorm 29kg $8,495


Mirage Kayak Parts & Optional Extras

Additional information

Weight 36000 g
Dimensions 400 × 585 × 7300 mm