Mirage 600 Double Kayak


Mirage 600 Double Kayak, proudly Australian made and owned, and an icon of the Australian Kayaking Industry for 30 years.

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Please Note: all Mirage kayaks are made to order

Mirage 600
The versatile Mirage 600 double sea kayak gives you the best of many paddling worlds. Stable, speedy and smooth, beginners can enjoy this kayak for a casual cruise, and grow into a boat fully suited to multi-day expedition ocean paddling. Suitable for any sized paddler and with huge gear capacity, the Mirage 600 is an ideal touring double for beginners and pros alike.

As each and every Mirage kayak is made to order and hand-crafted, there is a varying wait time on new boats.


  • Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system.
  • Three high volume dry storage compartments with easy access Kajak Sport hatches.
  • Very large centre hatch that can also be accessed through the rear cockpit.
  • Safety perimeter line and functional elastic deck rigging.
  • Ergonomic seats with comfortable seat pad and fully adjustable, low profile back rest.
  • Dual solid cross beam footrests, enhance paddler performance.
  • Component upgrade compatible.


Length: 5.99m
Beam: 70cm
Average Weight: (see table below)
Total Volume: 680L
Rear Hatch: 70L
Front Hatch: 55L
Day Hatch: 38L
Centre Hatch: 86L
Centre Hatch Opening: 490mm wide x 350 long x 310mm deep.
Suitable For: All sized Paddlers

There is no bulkhead between the rear of the centre hatch and the rear cockpit; this allows for additional storage in front of the rear paddlers feet.

600 Construction: Average Weight: Cost:
Fibreglass 36kg $4,795
Kevlar 34kg $5,195
Kevlar IRT 32kg $5,695
Carbon IRT 31kg $7,295
PLEASE NOTE: Not all accessories are available on all Mirage Kayak Models.
Kayak Colours $RRP
Two Colour Deck Fades 225
Two Colour Deck and Hull Fades 325
Bow Dart 150
Combo Dart (Bow & Stern) 295
Combo Dart (Bow & Stern, Deck & Hull) 300
583 2nd Colour 225
Carbon Clear Coat (Combo Dart) 495
Innegra Clear Coat (Combo Dart) 495
Coloured Hull 195
Coloured Cockpit Rim 75
General Outfitting
Carry Toggles Standard (Pair) 25
Carry Toggles Surf Wrapped (Pair) 30
Tow Points (Webbing) x2 35
Rear Shock Cord (Paddle float setup) 45
Cockpit fixation Points – Stainless Steel x4 85
Reflective Strips w/Velcro x4 25
Kajak Sport Paddle Clamp x2 95
Kayak Compas – Ritchie 260
Front & Rear Grab Handles 45
Sail Kits
Kayak Sail Installation & reinforcement (New Kayak) 295
Kayak Sail Installation & reinforcement (Old Kayak) 295
Deck Reinforcement (Rigging zones only) 95
Deck Reinforcement (Full Deck) 125
Join Line
Taped Seam (single) 295
Taped Seam (double) 395
Hull Protection Strip Full Length (Thick Gel Coat) 295
Hull Protection Strip Bow & Stern (Thick Gel Coat) 265
Carbon Upgrades
Carbon Kit Upgrade Single: IRT seat, rudder, hatch, rim 595
Carbon Kit Upgrade Double: 2x IRT seats, rudder, rims 850
Carbon Cockpit Rim 195
Carbon Knee Brace Rim 225
Knee Brace Rims
Fibreglass 125
Carbon 225
Installed on Old Kayak 395
Mirage Rudders
Standard Fibreglass 295
Flush Fibreglass 295
100% Carbon Replacement 325
100% Carbon on New Kayak 250
Mirage Pedal Sets
Pedal Sets (inc. T Bar & adjusting strap set) 325
Pedal T Bar 195
Pedal Adjusting Straps (pair) 39
Stainless Rudder Cable Set SINGLE Inc. Install 145
Stainless Rudder Cable Set DOUBLE Inc. Install 195
Stainless Pedal Hinges 30
Pedal Sets LD LEGDRIVE (inc. T Bar & adjusting strap set) 250
Pedal Sets LD LEGDRIVE (white w/carbon backed) new kayak 150
Pedal Sets LD LEGDRIVE Carbon Clear 325
Mirage Seats
Seat Fibreglass (Large or Small) 215
Seat – FG IRT (Large or Small) 325
Seat – Carbon Clear Coat IRT (Large or Small) 375
Under-Seat foam brace 40
Back Band Seat 95
Comfort Combo 135
Back Band Seat with padded seat for 583/533 225
15mm Foam Seat Paddling (per unit) 45
Extra Dry Storage
Under-Deck glove box FG w/ kajak sport hatch 195
Under-Deck glove box Carbon w/ kajak sport hatch 249
Day Hatch 100mm opening / 2L w/ kajak sport hatch FG 195
Day Hatch 100mm opening / 2L w/ kajak sport hatch Carbon 249
Bilge Pump Set-Up
Single Kayak (set) inc waterproof box 295
Double kayak (set) inc waterproof box 375
500 gpl Individual Pump Unit 95
1000 gpl Individual Pump Unit 125
Pump switch and harness 85
Spare Small Battery 45
Spare Large Battery 55
Recharger 45
Battery Waterproof Box (single) 50
Battery Waterproof Box (double) 65
Kayak Socks
530 / 532 / 533 149
580 / 582 / 583 159
730 / 600 Double 169
Spare Parts
Deck Fixtures Single (reflective cord & tape, bungee, plastic clips) 149
Deck Fixtures Double (reflective cord & tape, bungee, plastic clips) 179
Kayak Decals / Logos (set) name, numbers icon, flag 75
Fairleads – per unit 3.50
Shock Cord / Deck Lines per meter 4
D Shackles (pair) 15
Rod Holder (flush mount) 35
Mirage Red Safety Flag 15
Hatch Covers
Round Aussie Rubber Hatch 55
Round Aussie Hatch Rim 10
Rear Oval Fibreglass 175
Rear Oval Carbon 275
Neoprene Rear Oval Cover 60
600 Centre Hatch FG 295
600 Centre Hatch Carbon 350
Neoprene Cock Pit Cover 75
Kajak Sport Hatches
Round 22cm (Day) 75
Round 24cm (Front 582) 85
Rear Oval 115
Round 19.5cm 60
Round 10cm (Day) 55
EW Skirts
Combi Deck 199
Easy Stretch Deck / EZY ON Fitted Tube 195
Easy Stretch Deck / EZY ON Multi-Fit Tube 195
Standard – Fitted Tube 195
Standard – Flex Fit 195
Kevlar – Fitted Tube 299
Kevlar Multi-Fit Tube 299
Mirage Single 395
Mirage Double 495
Insurance 175
Cardboard (P2) 50
Bubble (P1) 20

Additional information

Weight 36000 g
Dimensions 500 × 700 × 6000 mm