Mirage 532 Kayak


Mirage 532 Kayak, proudly Australian made and owned, and an icon of the Australian Kayaking Industry for 30 years.

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Mirage 532
The famous 530 has been refined and updated into the 532. A great all-rounder style boat, the 532 is built for speed and efficiency, while also being sporty and maneuverable. Extra volume has been added behind the cockpit to suit a wider range of body types.

PLEASE NOTE: As each and every Mirage kayak is made to order and hand-crafted, there is a varying wait time on new boats.

New Features:

  • Complete hull and deck re-design for a more modern look and refined performance.
  • ‘Shallow V’ carried back further to increase the initial stability and make the kayak less twitchy.
  • Kajak Sport hatches – front, day and rear.

Mirage 532 Features:

  • Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system
  • Three high volume dry storage compartments with easy access snap lid hatches – great seaworthiness and good storage capacity including convenient day hatch – These hatches are made by Kajak Sport Finland.
  • Safety perimeter line, grab handles and functional elastic deck rigging
  • Contoured, supportive, ergonomic seat
  • Solid footrest platform, enhances paddler performance
  • Component upgrade compatible



Length: 5.3m
Beam: 56cm
Weight: (see table below)
Rear Hatch: 70L
Front Hatch: 50L
Day Hatch: 25
Suitable For: Small to medium sized paddlers

532 Construction: Average Weight: Cost:
Fibreglass 23kg $3,795
Kevlar 21kg $3,995
Kevlar IRT 17.9kg $4,495
Kevlar IRT Feather Light 15.9kg $4,850
Carbon IRT 16.9kg $5,695


Mirage Upgrades
(Please Note: Not every upgrade is available on all Mirage Kayak models)

Carry Toggles $20 Knee Brace – Clear Coat Carbon $195
Stitched Carry Toggles (Surf) $28 Knee Brace – Fibreglass $115
4x Laminated cockpit fixation points $85 Carbon Kit Upgrade (Single) $475
Rear 6mm Shock-Cord Config $45 Carbon Cockpit Rim (Single) $155
2x Webbing Tow Points $30 Kayak Sock (5.3m) $149
Ritchie Kayak Compass $245 Kayak Sock (5.8m) $159
Electric Bilge Pump + Battery (Single) $295 Kayak Sock (Double) $169
Electric Bilge Pump + Battery (Double) $375 Expedition Taped Seams (Single) $295
Bilge Pump Battery Recharger $45 Expedition Taped Seams (Double) $350
LD Plate – Carbon Reinforced $150 Hull Protection Strip (Full Length) $295
Under Deck Glove Box $175 Hull Protection Strip (Bow & Stern) $265
Day Hatch for 583 (FG) $175 Spare Small Battery for Pump $45
Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps $90 Spare Large Battery for Pump $55
Reinforced Deck for Sail Kit $60 Back-Band Seat & Padding for 583 / 533 $195
Reinforced Deck for Sail Kit + Installation $75 4x Reflective Deck-line Strips $25
Mirage Rudder (FG) – standard or Flush $249 RED Safety / Long Load Flag $15

Mirage Colourways

Two Colour Fade – Deck $185 583 Second Deck Colour $165
Two Colour Fade – Deck & Hull $275 Clear Bow & Stern Darts (Carbon Only) $375
Colour Bow & Stern Darts $185 Coloured Hull $150
Colour Bow Dart $100 Coloured Cockpit / Knee Brace Rim $50

Additional information

Weight 22000 g
Dimensions 400 × 560 × 5300 mm