Mirage 532 Kayak


Mirage 532 Kayak, proudly Australian made and owned, and an icon of the Australian Kayaking Industry for 30 years.


Mirage 532
The famous 530 has been refined and updated into the 532. A great all-rounder style boat, the 532 is built for speed and efficiency, while also being sporty and maneuverable. Extra volume has been added behind the cockpit to suit a wider range of body types.

PLEASE NOTE: As each and every Mirage kayak is made to order and hand-crafted, there is a varying wait time on new boats.

New Features:

  • The 532 has had a complete hull and deck re-design for a more modern look and refined performance.
  • The 532 has the ‘shallow V’ carried back further to increase the initial stability and make the kayak less twitchy.
  • The 532 has Kajak Sport hatches – front, day and rear.

Mirage 532 Features:

  • Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system
  • Three high volume dry storage compartments with easy access snap lid hatches – great seaworthiness and good storage capacity including convenient day hatch – These hatches are made by Kajak Sport Finland.
  • Safety perimeter line, grab handles and functional elastic deck rigging
  • Contoured, supportive, ergonomic seat
  • Solid footrest platform, enhances paddler performance
  • Component upgrade compatible


Length: 5.3m
Beam: 56cm
Weight: (based on average weight)
   Carbon (IRT) = 16.9kg   
   Kevlar (IRT) = 17.9kg
   Kevlar = 21kg
   Fibreglass = 23kg
Special Build:
   Feather Light (IRT) = 15.9kg
Rear Hatch: 70L
Front Hatch: 50L
Day Hatch: 25
Suitable For: Small to medium sized paddlers

Mirage Upgrades
(Please Note: Not every upgrade is available on all Mirage Kayak models)

Carry Toggles


Knee Brace – Clear Coat Carbon


Stitched Carry Toggles (Surf)


Knee Brace – Fibreglass


4x Laminated cockpit fixation points


Carbon Kit Upgrade (Single)


Rear 6mm Shock-Cord Config


Carbon Cockpit Rim (Single)


2x Webbing Tow Points


Kayak Sock (5.3m)


Ritchie Kayak Compass


Kayak Sock (5.8m)


Electric Bilge Pump + Battery (Single)


Kayak Sock (Double)


Electric Bilge Pump + Battery (Double)


Expedition Taped Seams (Single)


Bilge Pump Battery Recharger


Expedition Taped Seams (Double)


LD Plate – Carbon Reinforced


Hull Protection Strip (Full Length)


Under Deck Glove Box


Hull Protection Strip (Bow & Stern)


Day Hatch for 583 (FG)


Spare Small Battery for Pump


Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps


Spare Large Battery for Pump


Reinforced Deck for Sail Kit


Back-Band Seat & Padding for 583 / 533


Reinforced Deck for Sail Kit + Installation


4x Reflective Deck-line Strips


Mirage Rudder (FG) – standard or Flush


RED Safety / Long Load Flag



Mirage Colourways

Two Colour Fade – Deck


583 Second Deck Colour


Two Colour Fade – Deck & Hull


Clear Bow & Stern Darts (Carbon Only)


Colour Bow & Stern Darts


Coloured Hull


Colour Bow Dart


Coloured Cockpit / Knee Brace Rim


Additional information

Weight 22000 g
Dimensions 400 × 560 × 5300 mm