Mad River Canoe – Journey 156


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Mad River Journey 156 Canoe

Crafted by renowned designer Jim Henry, the Journey 156 is a welcoming and durable design that’s at home at summer camp, but with a level of sophistication for adventurers or a family of adventurers on all types of water. Built for stability and versatility, the trusted three-layer material is great for tight or twisty rivers with rocky conditions.  

Available with web, Shaped yoke, Polyethylene decks with carry handles, Centre seat optional.

Vinyl 83 lbs/38 kg Available with web or rotomolded seats, Shaped yoke, Polyethylene decks with carry handles, Center seat optional

Technical Specifications : 

Length                    472cm
Gunwale                 94cm
With @ 4″w/line     90cm
Max Width             94cm
Ctr Depth               37cm
Bow Depth             52cm
Stern Depth             52cm
Bow Rocker            3cm
Stern Rocker           3cm
Weight                     38kg
Max Capacity 6″Freeboard 499kg

Features :

Hull Features

        Material: Triple Tough™ TT

        Shallow Arch

        Moderate Rocker

        Side Profile: Flared


Available Options

        Side Mount Aftermarket Motor

        Fishing Rod Holder Aftermarket


        2014 Owner’s Manual

Gunwale Choices

        Vinyl Gunwale

        Optional Wood Gunwale w/ Web Seats (Solid, No Slots)


        Web Seats (Optional Bow & Stern: Rotomolded)

        Center Thwart w/ Optional Center Seat

        Stained Contoured Ash Yoke

        Polyethylene Handles

Additional information

Weight 38000 g
Dimensions 530 × 860 × 4870 mm