JBK – Kayaker Rescue Ladder


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JBK – Kayaker Rescue Ladder

This multi use rescue ladder system is a compact and light weight option for a number of assisted and self rescue methods.  A great tool for guides, group paddlers as well as solo paddlers that can integrate this with a paddle float to create a greatly enhanced rescue system to a standard paddle float set up. Ideal in a scenario where the paddler is injured, fatigued or lacks the upper body strength to lift themselves onto the deck of a kayak. The adjustable length provides for a variety of attachment options.  Once attached, it creates a solid step that the paddler can utilise to lift themselves into a reentry position.

The rescue ladder is made from strong 20mm webbing with an integrated three step ladder.  The steps are sturdy and can easily accommodate a paddler’s foot with sewn in stiffeners in each step providing a solid base to stand on.  The system includes 2 stainless steel D-ring fiction rings which allow for easy adjustment of length and a strong lock-off mechanism. 

 The entire system can be easily adjusted to lengths between 30cm and 220cm.

The pack includes a instructional guide outlining various solo and assisted rescue methods that utlise the ladder system


Additional information

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 30 mm