Harmony Kayak Hip Brace System


Out fit your sea kayak with the quality Harmony Hip Brace Kit. Keeping you more connected to your boat.


Harmony FAT Hip Pad Kit

Harmony’s FAT Hip Pad Kit is exactly what you need to outfit the hip pad area in wide variety of kayaks, from whitewater to touring. The kit includes: 4 thick and 4 thin beveled foam inserts to adjust the pads to your hips, 4 loop side Velcro strips, 16 rivets to attach the Velcro strips to the seat posts, 1 left and 1 right side contoured hip pad (each with 2 straps and a zippered area for foam inserts), and instructions. Optional velcro mount with rivets requires drill, drill bit, and rivet gun.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 70 × 160 × 390 mm