Galaxy 2 Full-Face Mask and Snorkel


Orpheus Full- Face Mask and Snorkel, allows you to breathe normally and naturally through your nose and mouth. The built in pea float lets you dive down without the snorkel filling with water.

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Breath easier with the Orpheus Galaxy 2 full-face Mask & Snorkel.

This snorkel allows you to breath normally and naturally through your nose and mouth as you explore the waters of your favorite swimming spot. If you wish to dive, the built-in pea float allows you to do so without filling the snorkel tube with water. No more dolphin-like expulsions of air when you surface!

The Galaxy 2 full-face mask & snorkel also features separate chambers for breathing and seeing. This means your mask is much less likely to fog up as traditional snorkels often do. The wide, clear front gives a full 180 degrees of peripheral vision to take in all the underwater beauty. Made from impact resistant Polycarbonate and non-allergenic Silicone, this is the perfect bit of kit to take your recreational swimming to the next level.

Available in two sizes to fit your face best.

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