FeelFree Corona Double Sit On Top Kayak


Feelfree Corona is a double + 1 sit on top kayak, perfect for longer camping trips or family holiday adventures.


Price includes 2x clip-in seats & flush-mounted rod holders.

FeelFree Corona 2 + 1 Double Sit On Top Kayak

Comfortable, stable and fun are three words to best describe the Corona. The Corona was designed for family or friends who want to enjoy a variety of water in an affordable way. The Corona was specially designed for 2 paddling styles. It can load up 2 paddlers plus 1 in the middle with cozy leg room or enjoy single paddling in the middle seat. You can also enjoy the solo paddling with the thigh strap as well to paddle in the surf. The Feel Free’s design identity, Wheel in Keel. V-Shape Handle and Molded-in handle, were also included in this new model for more comfortable transport.

Overall, very similar to the slightly smaller Gemini Double kayak, the Corona features a higher capacity and less deck molding, which means you have more space and versatility to tweak seat position, potentially accommodate more than one smaller child in addition to adult paddlers, and store gear. An all-round fantastic family craft!



  • 2 Comfortable clip-in seats offer good back support
  • Molded-in kiddie seat in the middle
  • 4 large molded handles
  • Rear storage with gear straps
  • 2 hatches with mesh interior bag – one in front of each seat
  • Wheel in the Keel
  • 2 fishing rod holders – both behind the back seat
  • 2 Side paddle parks


Length:       400cm
Width:         86cm
Weight:       36kg
Capacity:    280kg

Additional information

Weight 34000 g
Dimensions 400 × 800 × 4300 mm