Delta 16 Sea Kayak





The Delta 16 is an intermediate to advanced kayak that will cater to
smaller or mid-sized individuals who have been waiting for a full
figured British style design built with more dry storage typical of
North American designs. The 16 offers two large hatches and one day
hatch. The Day hatch is a solid pod that is built into the under-deck.
This fore day hatch allows paddlers to keep their cameras and essentials
inside of the kayak protected from errant paddle strokes or waves
knocking things off the deck. The 16 exhibits good primary stability and
very good secondary and given its 22 inch wide profile it has great
acceleration to catch a wave. The Delta 16 is a lightweight contender
made for paddlers tuning their intermediate to advanced skills.



    • Rudder:  Standard
    • Skeg:  Optional (in lieu of rudder)
    • Length:   4.9m
    • Width:  56cm
    • Depth:   31cm
    • Weight:   21kg
    • Cockpit:   43cm x 81cm
    • Cockpit Volume:  161.0 L
    • Bow Dry Storage:   78.6 L
    • Day Hatch:   7 L
    • Stern Dry Storage:  120 L
    • Max Capacity:   150 L

Additional information

Weight 22000 g
Dimensions 300 × 550 × 4800 mm