Delta 15.5 Expedition Kayak



~~~1x Yellow Delta 15.5 Expedition available as of 10th June! Inquire in store before it’s gone!~~~


The Delta 15.5 Expedition is the higher capacity sibling of the standard 15.5 GT, offering even more exceptional storage space for expedition paddling. The Expedition variation is very stable, fast for a v-hull style kayak, and has a generously sized cockpit suitable for a larger paddler. A fantastic boat to ease into a kayaking hobby that will cruise through many serious adventures.

This hi-capacity Expedition variant of the Delta 15.5 is no longer in production. It’s a boat from an earlier era when the most amount of choice for different styles of kayak was king! The price is also a reflection of that earlier era, as the modern 15.5 GT is $4195.

A great deal if every there was one, check out the Delta 15.5 Expedition before it’s gone for good!


  • Rudder:  Standard
  • Skeg:  Not Available
  • Length: 472.5cm
  • Width: 62.2cm
  • Depth: 34.3cm
  • Weight: 24.5kg
  • Cockpit Size: 82.5cm x 45.7cm
  • Bow Hatch Capacity: 106.4L
  • Stern Hatch Capacity: 148.3L
  • Weight Capacity: 170kg