Delta 12S Touring Kayak


Delta 12s makes transport a breeze at 17Kg. Deck lines, bow and stern water tight bulkheads for safety and storage. Fully adjustable seat and foot rests makes for an exceptional craft in a small package.


Delta Kayaks


The 12s features a 60cm wide hull, providing speed and responsiveness far
beyond what its small stature would suggest. Sealed bow and stern
storage compartments and a convenient front day hatch provide the safety
and storage capacity for exploring large lakes, for day trips or
overnight excursions. A full complement of deck rigging with a fully
adjustable seat and outfitting round out the features packed into this
kayak. Weighing in at an ultralight 17kg makes car-topping a breeze.


  • Rudder:Not Available 

  • Skeg:Not Available 

  • Length:3.65m

  • Width:61cm

  • Weight: 17kg 

  • Cockpit:42cm x 80cm

  • Bow Dry Storage: 47 L

  • Stern Dry Storage: 99 L

  • Maximum Capacity:100kg 

Additional information

Weight 17000 g
Dimensions 400 × 600 × 3600 mm