Delta 12.10 Touring Kayak


Light weight and very capable smaller sea kayak. Front and rear water tight bulkheads and deck lines for safety and storage on those extended trips on the water.


Delta Kayaks


A very capable, fully
outfitted, and well proportioned smaller sea kayak with excellent
initial and secondary stability.  Designed to fit a wide range of
paddlers (beginner, intermediate and advanced) wanting a high level of
performance in a smaller lighter package. The Delta Twelve10 has all the
features found in all our longer touring sea kayaks, including front
and rear hatches and bulkheads for safety and dry storage. Its
lightweight, yet rugged, construction make it an excellent choice for
loading on and off a car, sailboat or motor yacht.


  • Rudder:                      Not Available 

  • Skeg:                          Not Available 

  • Length:                       3.9m

  • Width:                         63.6cm

  • Weight:                       18.6kg 

  • Cockpit:                      43.2cm x 81.2cm

  • Bow Dry Storage:      45.8ltr 

  • Stern Dry Storage:    114.7ltr 

  • Maximum Capacity:  150 kg

Additional information

Weight 19000 g
Dimensions 400 × 700 × 3850 mm