Delta 10.5 Cat Twin Hull Kayak

$1,560.00 $1,449.00

Delta’s ultra light kayak offers superior stability for photography and fishing. Its short length makes for easy storage and transport.


Delta kayaks combine design expertise and manufacturing know-how to push the capabilities of kayak performance. With the Delta Cat 10.5 SOT kayak you’ll never want to be away from the water. Its unique catamaran style hull provides great stability, tracking and hull speed, making it a breeze to paddle on lakes and narrow waterways alike.
The “Sea View” window allows you to explore the world below and above as you paddle. Like every Delta Kayak, the Cat 10.5 is constructed of the highest quality thermoformed materials for superior abrasion resistance, light weight and beauty that will last for years of enjoyment.



Rudder:    Not Available

Skeg:        Not Available

Length:     3.05m

Width:       76.2cm

Weight:     17.7kg

Capacity:  168 kg 

Additional information

Weight 18000 g
Dimensions 400 × 750 × 3500 mm