Aquasling Storage Solution


Aquasling Storage System are and ideal way to store your Stand Up Paddle Board, surf board or Ski flat against the wall. The Aquasling is a simple padded strap design.

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The “Aquasling” Wall or Roof Kayak / Canoe Storage System 

The sibling of the Aquarack, the Aquasling is another option for keeping your Kayak, surf-ski, Surfboard, SUP or Windsurfer off the ground and safe. The Aquasling is a great option if you have limited space in which to store your vessel as it will sit closer to the wall.  Also perfect if you don’t have fab upper body strength as you can lift the kayak with the sling. The Aquasling takes up to 60kg in weight.

Many a kayak have come a cropper from poor storage and this mostly happens when the hull is compromised. An Aquasling will take your kayak off the ground, away from things that could damage it and will support the kayak hull to lengthen the life of your vessel. 

Includes – Zip Bag, Mounting Screws and Plates. Padded sling for the ultimate in  protection for your kayak or surfboard. 

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Weight 990 g
Dimensions 120 × 230 × 230 mm