Aquaracks – Large


Strong and sturdy kayak storage racks, keeping your kayak, ski at almost any angle. Designed and padded to prevent dents and damage to the hull of your paddle craft.


Aquaracks (TM ) Kayak Storage Bracket ( Large )

Aquaracks feature a unique design that allows you to store almost any type of paddling craft at any angle. Aquaracks have been designed so as not to cause any depressions to the hull of the kayak .Keep your favourite Kayak, surf-ski, Surfboard, SUP or Windsurfer off the ground with Aquaracks 

Aquaraks offer the simplest, strongest and most versatile watercraft storage system on the market today!
Improper storage of any paddling craft can cause damage to its hull, finish and overall structure. To store your craft properly, it must be supported at its strongest points so the load can be spread evenly to avoid pressure points. How you choose to store your craft can add years to its life span, improve resale value and help maintain its highest level of performance.

• Specially designed and padded to prevent damage and dents to hull & finish of your craft
• Allows your craft to be stored at multiple angles
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• Stores large craft up to 80kg / 175lbs
• Mounting hardware included

Additional information

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 120 × 500 × 800 mm