Aquabound Manta Ray Glass 2pce Paddle 215cm



Aquabound Manta Ray Glass 2pce Touring Paddle

Aquabound Manta Ray Glass Shaft 2pce Touring Paddle

Manta Ray Fiberglass
More horsepower for big boats, high-angle paddlers and moving water.

Fiberglass  215cm / 220cm

Blade Material – abX II Resin
This paddle features Aqua-Bound’s new, exclusive abX II resin. This material is lighter than the previous generation of abX material, and 22% stronger. The blades are gas-assist plastic injection molded, reinforced with fiberglass fibers. All the better to keep you on the water and out of trouble.

Ferrule Options – 3-hole Snap Button

This Aqua-Bound recreational paddle comes with a standard 3-hole snap button ferrule system, with 0 and 60-degree RHC and LHC feathered positions. Quiet and precise, it won’t squeak or wiggle.

Shaft Material – Fiberglass

Our fiberglass shaft offers a nice flex and feel in the water. In addition to being lighter than aluminum, it is warmer on your hands on a cold day.

Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 80 × 200 × 1000 mm