AP 50/50 – 10’4″ MX SUP


AP 50/50 Epoxy SUP, this very stable SUP lands right in the middle of the AP range, finds it’s self more at home in the surf than the AP All Rounder however not to the extent of the more surf dedicated AP 60/40.

The Adventure Paddleboarding Fifty Fifty Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is best known for its exceptional stability. From beginners and families, to yoga enthusiasts and occasional wave riders, this high volume cruiser is one board that will simply do everything well.

OUTLINE: Generous and full-bodied from nose to tail. Parallel rails create a huge stable work zone in the middle for beginners to feel sturdy on their feet, and for those who like to integrate yoga into their paddle sessions and require a steady platform. User friendly and designed to allow for quick progression to comfortably turn and maneuver the boards.

CONTOURS: While primarily designed as a multi-purpose flat water board, a little extra lift in the nose and tail has been applied so it will adapt to riding and performing gentle turns on smaller waves.

VOLUME: The thickness through the middle has been pushed out towards the rail to maximise the size-to-volume ratio. Boxy rails help the board to sit nice and high on the water, yet the tucked edge provides a smooth feel when turning.

FEATURES: Large single fin + FCS II side plugs for simple conversion into a 2 + 1 set-up. Ergonomic cavity carry handle makes it convenient to lift and transport. Full-length deck pad allows for ease of movement up and down the board.

PERFORMANCE: The Adventure Paddleboarding Fifty Fifty is basically a utility SUP designed to work for just about anyone. Stable as a table, lots of flow, yet surprisingly nimble when it comes to making flat water turns or riding softer waves.

APPROX BOARD WEIGHTS: 9’10: 11.5kg| 10’4: 12.0kg


9’10” 32” 4 7/8″ 195 L 10″ Centre Up to 100kg
10’4” 32.5” 4 7/8” 210 L 10″ Centre All Weights


Additional information

Weight 10000 g
Dimensions 150 × 3000 × 800 mm