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A New Era in Jervis Bay Kayak and Paddlesports Co

This week Janet and I have officially handed over Jervis Bay Kayak & Paddlesports Co Retail Store and Hire operation to our New Owners and Directors Bart and Sarah Malecki. Sunday night was a chance for the JBK Team as…
February 4, 2015

Regular Maintenance at JBK

Visitors to Huskisson and JBK will recognise our old tRUSTY Mitsubishi Canter Flatbed Truck that is our workhorse of our Hire Fleet of Sit On Top Kayaks. Loaded now with a full fleet of Brand New Perception Tribe 11.5 Single…
December 2, 2014

Delta Kayaks Arrive In Australia.

We are proud to announce that the first Shipment of Delta Kayaks has arrived from Vancouver Canada last week.  The combination of the Award Winning Seaward Composite Kayaks and the beautiful Thermoform Kayaks from Delta Kayaks has given the opportunity…
November 3, 2014

Australian Made Mega Proton 1st Surf

PLEASE NOTE: This is a media post from 2014, not a product page. We unfortunately no longer stock Mega Surf Kayaks. For current Mega Surf Kayak information, please contact Synergy Paddlesports: www.synergypaddlesports.comYesterday was the first day in weeks that the…
September 9, 2014

JBKs Whitsunday Islands Expedition 2014

With all of the excitement of little kids on red cordial we strolled into Sydney Airport ready for our next adventure to Hamilton Island, only to see a queue virtually out the door and Loo Taylor caught my gaze and…
September 2, 2014

Mega Proton Surf Kayak – Molding Process

The Team at JBK are proud to announce the Molding Process for the Mega Proton High Performance Surf Kayak is now complete and is available for order here in Australia. For the Past 10 Years JBK has manufactured Mega Surf…
July 29, 2014

Sea Kayak Holiday Adventures

Plan your next Holiday Adventure Check out the JBK Calendar for upcoming local Trips and Courses and get ready to pick your Trip of a lifetime from our Dream Travel Destination Kayak Holidays around the Planet!
July 18, 2014

Sea Skills Award Assessment Day

Australian Canoeing Sea Skills Award Assessment Ben Demonstrating Perfect Paddle Float Rescue Technique We had a fun Sea Skills assessment day today in 15kts of Nth wind and 1m South Swell bumping down the South Coast and around Bowen Island.…
July 16, 2014

Ningaloo Reef Explorers Return

The JBK Paddling Crew hit the road again this past week flying to the magical Desert wonderland that is the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and the Cape Range National Park located near Exmouth. An area of quintessential Australian beauty we…
June 25, 2014

NZ Surf Kayakers Visit

Great to catch up with NZ Surf Kayaker's Paula and Deb today, both inspiring paddlers of the Mega Bullitt S and Bullitt XS ripping waves across the ditch. Paula, Tracy, Deb catching up at the store to chat about all…
June 5, 2014